WATER Element $665 (Value $745) – COMING SOON!

Flow as free as Water! Water is the giver of life and this elemental experience will take you on a journey to rehydrate, renew, and replenish your mind and body. Just like water, allow yourself to flow and adapt to the sensations and movements of the treatment, as it guides you towards a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation balancing your energy and restoring your vitality. Trust in this element, as it nourishes your skin, soothes your muscles, and calms your mind. Flow as free as water and let the benefits of this elemental spa treatment continue to ripple through your life.

10 Min Liquid Mind Guided Meditation: Your Water Element journey begins in our Water Room. Your treatment specialist will help guide you to allow your mind to become still and clear like the surface of the water. Visualize a body of water in your mind, such as an ocean or a river. As you inhale, imagine that you are breathing in the qualities of the water element – fluidity, flexibility, and adaptability. As you exhale, imagine that you are releasing any fears, anxieties, tension, and resistance in your body.

60 Min Vichy Shower Bed: Continue your journey in the Water Room with a detoxifying and relaxing hydrotherapy massage. This unique treatment involves gentle hydro jets to wash away tension and rehydrate your skin. Enjoy a full-body exfoliation using a blend of sea salts and nourishing oils with the KF Turkish Scrub. This will help to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Lastly, rehydrate your hair and scalp with our signature hot oil treatment.

90 Min Age Defying Marine Facial: Next, you will be treated to a relaxing luxe Marine Facial. Take in the benefits of the ocean with powerful marine-based actives and protein-rich caviar to firm and refine skin tone and improve overall skin condition. During the treatment, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and then a mask containing marine ingredients is applied. The result is a refreshed, hydrated, and glowing complexion.

20 Min Eucalyptus Mineral Wellness Foot Soak and Scrub: Finally, awaken tired and sore feet with our Eucalyptus Mineral Foot Soak and Scrub. Relax in our healing Salt Lounge while powerful salts, combined with the therapeutic benefits of eucalyptus will work to detoxify and relax you completely. Then, experience a refreshing and hydrating warm oil foot rub that will perk up your dry and tired feet.