Spirit (Sunya) – The Fifth Element – $545 (Value $735)

Heal, nurture, and rebalance your Spirit from within. Our exclusive Fifth Element Sunya treatment is designed to promote a sense of inner peace, feel more centered, and provide you with a sense of emotional and physical well-being. Using Reiki energy healing, meditation, crystal Chakra alignment, aromatherapy, and Acupuncture you will connect with your inner self and the world around you giving you clarity and purpose.

10 Min Earth Crystal Chakra Balance and Meditation: Align the 7 chakras while connecting with the earth’s natural energy with this healing meditation. Begin with a few deep breaths to relax and focus attention on the present moment. Next, the therapist will place crystals on specific points of the body that correspond with the seven chakras. The crystals are believed to help balance and energize each chakra, promoting a sense of overall well-being

60 Min Sunya Skin Restore and Renew: This exclusive treatment specially crafted to leave your skin healthy and glowing, and your Spirit renewed with a sense of wellbeing. This positive energy experience begins with intense skin hydration, double exfoliation to effectively eliminate lackluster skin cells, and a superfood enzymatic collagen mask that penetrates deep into the skin’s damaged layers. To reduce inflammation and enhance skin elasticity, Red LED light therapy is administered. Finally, botanical skin brighteners are meticulously massaged into the facial area to dissolve pigmentation and restore the skin’s innate texture and tone.

90 Min Hot Stone and Juniper Berry Experience: Imagine the soothing warmth of hot stones gliding over your skin as you inhale the refreshing aroma of juniper berry. The combination of heat and aromatic essential oil creates a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience. As the hot stones are placed on key points of your body, you feel tension melting away as the heat penetrates your muscles, easing any stiffness or soreness. The juniper berry oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, adds an extra layer of therapeutic benefits to the massage. A foot scrub is gently applied to rejuvenate the feet as the therapists performs reflexology. As the massage comes to an end, you feel refreshed, invigorated, and deeply relaxed. The combination of hot stones and juniper berry oil has created a truly magical experience that leaves your Spirit feeling lifted and revitalized.

20 Min Reiki: Continue your Spiritual Journey with Reiki, an ancient healing practice that promotes relaxation and enhances your body’s natural healing ability through the transfer of energy from the Practioner to the client. During the session, you’ll lie comfortably on a massage table as the practitioner rebalances your 7 Chakras, or energy fields, using light touch or no-touch techniques. Hands will be placed over the 7 Chakras to unblock stagnant energy. You may feel warmth, tingling, or peacefulness as the energy flows through you.